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My current status is saving up the funds for my newest bike build. Updates on that will show up when they show up.


Back again! (and again, and again, and again)

Brief background for what you’re looking at right now:

Current status | Building Bikes
     I am a huge fan of Frankenstein Bicycles. What are those you ask? A bike comprised of varying parts and components. Bascially nothing is stock, there is no real groupset and the only thing standard is the correct compatibilty between components (SRAM rear derailluer with a SRAM cassette, etc.).

From previous years of commuting by bicycle, I have learned that the better your bike looks, the more likely it is to be stolen. I have paired this idea with my previous inability to obtain new bike parts that I needed or wanted.

I would take parts off of random bikes obtained from dumpsters, received from friends or shops, and swap them to whatever frame I was currently trying to ride. This method, although extremely amature, taught me some good trial and error repairs and tuning techniques until I learned the correct way to do things. I have by no means invented this idea, it’s just one I have grown to love and practice.
Since the early years of this, I have learned how to make the bikes look more put together and not like a heap of trash on wheels.
After a 2 year hiatus from tinkering and riding, I’m back at it! I just need to get the rest of my bike stuff from Pennsylvania…